Charmed Aroma

Peach Perfect Gift Set

$43.98 $41.98

Peach Perfect Gift Set

The jewelry pictured represents just a few of the beautiful styles that you could reveal inside this product.

Charmed Aroma

Peach Perfect Gift Set

$43.98 $41.98

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  • Jewelry

    Find a solid, 925 Sterling Silver ring inside both the candle and bath bomb!

    Velvet Peach Candle - Classic Ring Collection:

    Peach perfect! Light this fragrant jewel candle and fill the room with a comforting blend of velvet peach, sweet tonka bean and subtle orange zest. Back by popular demand, this iconic candle is a must have for every home. When you've finished burning, reveal a solid 925 Sterling Silver ring!

    Peaches and Cream Bath Bomb - Classic Ring Collection:

    Peach please! Pop this bright bomb in the tub and watch as swirls of peach and white dance around you! As it dissolves, enjoy a fruity scent blend of peaches and whipped cream as aloe, epsom salts and shea butter work to hydrate your skin. Once dissolved, reveal a solid 925 Sterling Silver ring!


    Choose a ring size between 5-10.

    Candle Size

    12 oz / 340 g - 2 wick candle

    Bath Bomb Size

    9 oz / 260 g


    The candle jewelry is wrapped in a protective bag then enclosed in silver foil. The bath bomb jewelry is sealed in a protective bag and enclosed in a water-resistant capsule.

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