Charmed Aroma

Mermaid Gift Set

$51.98 $49.98

Mermaid Gift Set

The jewelry pictured represents just a few of the beautiful styles that you could reveal inside this product.

Charmed Aroma

Mermaid Gift Set

$51.98 $49.98

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  • Fragrance

    Mermaid Candle:

    So mermazing! Our Limited Edition Mermaid candle is full of sparkle and wonder. Light this candle and dive right into the mesmerizing citrus, blue marine and soft lavender scent! When you've finished burning, reveal an exclusive, 925 Sterling Silver ring inside and re-use the glitter jar as a fun decor piece!

    Mermaid Bath Bomb:

    Mermaids are real! Inspired by the mythical creature of beauty and charm, our Mermaid bath bomb will have you swimming in an ocean of peace and tranquillity. Pop it in the tub and experience a wave of exciting citrus with notes of blue marine and soft lavender. Enjoy the swirling sea of shea butter, aloe, and epsom salts that will leave your skin glowing!


    Find an exclusive, solid 925 Sterling Silver ring in the candle and a solid 925 Sterling Silver, blue opal-inspired ring in the bath bomb, each worth up to $5000.


    Choose your Sterling Silver ring size between 5-10.

    Candle Size

    6.5 oz / 184 grams - 1 wick candle

    Bath Bomb Size

    9.5 oz / 270 grams


    The candle jewelry is wrapped in a protective bag then enclosed in silver foil. The bath bomb jewelry is sealed in a protective bag and enclosed in a water-resistant capsule.

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